Prebiotic Colon Reboot Mix

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Isapgol + Sonamukhi + Harde + Amaltas + Mulethi + Gulab + Saunf

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Isapgol + Sonamukhi + Harde + Amaltas + Mulethi + Gulab + Saunf


  • Supports microbiome health
  • Helps manage diabetes
  • Helps bowl movement
  • Heals gut-heart-mind
  • Enhances good bacteria
  • Promotes healthy metabolic response

5 reviews for Prebiotic Colon Reboot Mix

  1. Lakshay Sharma

    This mix is a true blessing for gut health. It’s been incredibly effective in enhancing my digestion and promoting regular bowel movements. And the added benefit of supporting my microbiome health is a big win

  2. Varun Bhatt

    I can’t believe the difference the Prebiotic Colon Reboot Mix has made in my overall well-being. It’s not just about digestive health, but it also has a positive impact on my heart and mind. Feeling balanced, energized, and more in tune with my body.

  3. Smarat Rathi

    “””Secret to a healthier life. Better digestion, managed diabetes. Love it!”””

  4. Vivek Rathod

    “Game-changer for diabetes and gut health!”

  5. Adita Yadav

    Prebiotic Colon Reboot Mix is a gentle yet effective solution for digestive health. It keeps me feeling light and refreshed, and I’ve noticed a significant improvement in my gut health. Highly satisfied!

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The Ends Benefits Of Curcumin Cure Mix Include Enhanced Overall Health, Improved Cognitive Function, Reduced Chronic Inflammation, Lower Oxidative Stress, And Protection Against Gastrointestinal Issues Like Ulcers.

Curcumin Cure Mix Is High In Antioxidants And Has Anti-Inflammatory Properties, Boosts Brain Function, Reduces Inflammation And Free Radicals, Improves Liver Function, And Reduces Ulcers.

Curcumin Cure Mix Acts As A Strong Antioxidant, Reducing Inflammation And Oxidative Stress, Thus Promoting Better Liver Health And Function.

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