My Story

My Journey

2005 – 2010

Payal Kothari, Suffered with gut health issues like, acid reflux, ulcers, migraines, vomiting, weight gain, heavy period days endometriosis, hysterectomy, anxiety and depression due to genetic, poor nutrition, IVF treatments, stress, hormonal imbalances, food intolerances and many other multiple reasons. Seeked help from multiple doctors from various cities and countries but no one could diagnose anything except beginning of inflammation and ulcers. No expert would hear her out or had the time or patience to hear her story, symptoms or understand any red flags. All treatments were expensive, many unnecessary, superficially treated with anti-biotics and antacids and in-fact made her health worse. She was frustrated, she was desperate and wanted to take back her health into her own hands.


That “aha” moment happened that clinica advise is only “medication” driven, tip of the iceberg is scratched VS looking beyond and at the root cause and Payal was looking for a holistic approach, not a conventional temporary fix where 1 size fits all kinda approach. She wanted to get to the root cause of all her problems once and for all and she began her self-healing, exploration journey with Ayurveda, nutrition, yoga, and spiritual practice and Bingo!! The root cause was in her GUT, and so was the solution. She soon Certified with national & international certificates, with the world’s largest nutrition school – IIN, NLP from John Grinder as she believes it’s not only about avocados and turmeric or kale, it’s also about the narrative in our heads which NLP techniques can work at the subconscious level and not just the conscious level. If you want to make a change, once must work at the subconscious level which is the root cause as well.


Began her one on one consultations from home, making ayurvedic products at home and she had a breakthrough with her 1st client suffering with ulcerative colitis, then her 2nd with migraines, then 3rd with weight loss, 4th with fertility, 5th with diabetes, 6th with PCOS, 7th with senior citizen IBS. She started GUTAVATAR as an ayurvedic brand for everyone, not just her clients as it should be available for everyone and benefit millions of individuals who can benefit from them naturally and heal their gut once and for all.


She got approached by Vogue, Femina, Hindustan Times, Mumbai Mirror, Economic Times, Indian Express, and 300 more prestigious newspapers and magazines to write on Gut health, mental wellness, nutrition, and health related topics.


She got Commissioned her 1st book – THE GUT, by Rupa Publications. Moved into her own office space at Lower Parel, manages her 3 verticals – 1) Payal Kothari Nutrition & Consultations, 2) GUTAVATAR, 3) INUEN NUTRITION SCHOOL under her company called “Unifying Nutrition & Wellness Pvt. Ltd.”


She Collaborates with multiple large organizations, prestigious schools, colleges, NGO’s like Akankasha, ladies’ forums, prestigious clubs like Rotary clubs, IMC women’s club, Inner Wheel, EY’s, YPO’s, clinics, doctors and more. Working with national and international clients of all age groups and helping individual and groups nourish their gut and heal their lives naturally and not leaving any stone unturned if further investigation is required with a team of qualified and renowned doctors and experts.

and the journey continues!

She wants to teach her skill, certify more than 1,000,00/ plus individuals under her nutrition school – INUEN that is accredited from USA – IAO certification program to become gut health nutritionists, Nutritionists, health coaches, life coaches and business coaches.

My mentor once told me that being an empath is a gift—an aching yet beautiful gift that I use as a medium to transform thousands of lives. I am not sure if I chose the profession or if the profession chose me. My gut feeling goes with the latter. 

The most motivating factor whilst writing this book has been the ease of the process and how connecting with it on a subconscious and gut level broadened my horizons as an integrative nutritionist and a gut health coach. 

Given half a chance, your body can heal itself—this belief has transformed my life. My journey as a research nerd has helped me on different levels and a few lines of introduction may not do justice to my personal transformation as a coach. However, I am willing to take that chance. This entrepreneurial journey as a coach has let me employ empathy and overcome many hurdles, helping me become the person I am today.

I wrote this book during the lockdown, when we were faced with the biggest challenge of our times, COVID-19— the pandemic that shook the world. Being at home brought back old, unpleasant memories—from being a sick two-year- old with tuberculosis (TB) to a teen who was body shamed, from having to undergo multiple in vitro fertilizations (IVFs) in my 30s to facing huge financial struggles. I suppressed these emotions, which affected my gut and emotional wellness, in the long run. 

It dawned upon me that it was the antibiotics I was prescribed for TB that destroyed the ecosystem of my digestive tract. The imbalance made me a malnourished child, with food intolerances. The very sight of food would make me cringe. Even if I did manage to eat one-fourth of the meal, I would throw up. All of this made me the poster child for low immunity, infections, viruses and gut-related problems. It was a bittersweet journey of recovery. 

Puberty brought along with it a surge of hormones and sugar cravings to an otherwise malnourished body. All the white sugar, sodas, cakes and junk food and without any effort, I moved towards obesity. I gained 25 kg in three years (between the age of 13 and 16). I was out of shape. From being a student with a double promotion, I deteriorated to failing miserably in school. I was living a vicious cycle, suffering an emotional rollercoaster, thanks to all the sugar and junk food. I was battling mental issues such as anxiety, depression, low self-esteem, fear and brain fog, and I was perpetually hungry. I felt helpless, but I was also done being a victim of sugar. Finally, I said no to syrups, syringes and supplements. I was done crying and decided to take my health into my own hands. Yoga and meditation helped me release stress and integrative nutrition helped me heal my gut. 

I eliminated processed foods, such as breads, cakes, pizzas and deep fried spicy snacks from my diet. I began to eat only home-cooked alkaline, natural foods such as fruit bowls, vegetable broth, mashed vegetable khichdi, fermented rice, coconut water, herbal concoctions (ayurvedic jadi butis), and carrot and apple shots to reboot my digestive system by keeping it light, yet nourished. 

The best resources at my disposal during the healing, 

gut-rebooting period were health magazines such as Health, Shape and Prevention, Readers Digest, and biology books from a private library. These formed my support system and helped me find weight-loss solutions. And within a period of five months, I became a much better version of myself. I was chosen to be on the cover of Health magazine in December 2005. I am also a certified national and international clinical nutritionist and gut health coach. With my own experience behind me, I was resolved to help people facing similar issues. In the 12-week transformation programme at my nutrition institute, my clients eat wholesome meals, heal their gut and reverse the occurrence of diseases. 

This book is for people who struggle to get through their work day, people who want their life back, people who are suffering gut health issues and are unaware of it.