We are all waiting for the lockdown to open up and we get about doing what we did best, work as a community, in our offices, stores and more. This new normal is definitely not normal because humans thrive on connections and energies. Till then, we can build our immunity in less than 24 hours.

Immunity is our bodies first line of defense against any virus, pathogens and multi other infections caused due to pollution, toxins in our food and medicines. High immunity can beat any virus and illness. Try these hacks


Decoction made with ginger, turmeric, tulsi and lemon warm water. Pound ginger, fresh turmeric (if available), tulsi and add to boiling water. Allow it to boil for 10-15 minutes. Pour it in a thermos and sip on this tea through the day. The antioxidants from these simple yet effective superherbs is unmatchable.


Use a steam inhaler to help you keep your nasal track and throat hydrated. On waking up and sleeping. The most sort after ayurvedic “nuska”. Don’t wait for a sore throat or dry cough, make this a lifestyle.


Summer’s here, so if warm soups put you off, it is ok if you drink room temperature soups. As long as you get in the nutrients from super foods like drumsticks, pumpkins, spinach, bottle guard and garlic. The more fiber you add to your soups the better your microbiome (friendly bacteria) for your gut health. It gets digested, absorbed and excreted better and helps reboot your digestive system which is the host to good and bad everything.


Lemons, sweet lime, oranges, carrots, beetroots and many more colorful fruits and vegetables have vitamin C in them which help build your immunity. Get D from the morning sun – say around 8/9 am for around 15-20 minutes and watch your skin and body recharge.


With love,

Your Gut

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