Skin Cleanser and glower-inside-out

Full body & lymphatic-detox

Reduces Bloating & Gas

Helps manage diabetes

Blood purifier

Skin Cleanser and glower-inside-out

Full body & lymphatic-detox

Reduces Bloating & Gas

Helps manage diabetes

Blood purifier

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These superfoods and ingredients will help keep your body healthy in many ways. The benefits you will get after consuming theseproducts are mentioned below.

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Gut Health & Microbiome

“Gut health” describes the function and balance of the good and bad bacteria in the many parts of the gastrointestinal tract. A healthy gut contains more friendly bacteria and immune cells that can fight against infectious viruses, bacteria & fungi. The human body contains trillions of bacteria. Your gut microbes are known as the gut microbiome.

Fad Diet VS GUT Transformation

Fad diets are fashionable new and trendy diets that focus only on eliminating essential nutrients like carbs and fats and focus on only one or two aspects of our daily macros and encourage restrictive eating which is unsustainable and frustrating.

Whereas a holistic transformation is one that encourages wholemeal meals focused on all essential macros and is sustainable and a happy lifestyle shift. Fad diets or quick fixes are dangerous and are designed to offer instant and short-term weight loss.

This isn’t a solution for permanent weight loss. A gut transformation is a permanent solution toward a disease-free life, saves money, and time, and provides vitality and longevity. Fad diets/products tend to ignore the nutritional requirement of the body in the diet/product.

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India’s 1st Certified Gut Health Nutritionist

Payal Kothari

Inspired by her own emotional and physical journey, Payal Kothari is the leading face of the gut health industry. Being the first certified gut health nutritionist in India, her journey is dedicated to a mission to transform many people’s lives across the world.

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